After a DWI Arrest, Hire a Lawyer ASAP

After a DWI arrest, many individuals do not think it is necessary to hire a lawyer right away.

They believe they can work an assigned attorney or public defender and wait until they receive more information about the arrest, such as the arrest report or the results of a specimen (e.g. blood or alcohol) test.

What those individuals do not know is that the sooner an attorney is hired on a case, the better chances that individual has of maintaining their license, getting the case dismissed, or getting the case resolved quickly.

Administrative Hearing

As soon as someone is arrested for a DWI, the clock starts ticking. In many cases, their driver’s license will be automatically suspended unless their attorney requests an administrative hearing.

If this hearing is not requested within just fifteen days after your arrest, they could lose their right to drive. An experienced attorney can request a hearing and fight to make sure your driving privileges are not revoked.

Collecting Evidence

During the arrest process, several pieces of evidence were collected.

These items could include video footage of the arrest and footage of the arrested at the police station, blood and breath samples, and a written police report detailing why they were pulled over, what kind of field sobriety tests were conducted on them, how they performed and how their overall demeanor was during the process.

It is their right to review these pieces of evidence and to know what the prosecutors are going to present to a jury regarding your DWI case.

An experienced attorney can make sure that they see these items, talk them through the positive aspects of each piece of evidence and help them make the best decision regarding your defense.

Negotiating with the Prosecutor

Lots of people believe that a trial is the most important part of a DWI case. However, an experienced DWI defense attorney can take many steps to get charges reduced or even dismissed before a trial.

Lawyers who regularly defend DWI cases are familiar with the judges and prosecutors and can work with them before a trial date is set to get the best possible outcome for your case.

This benefit is lost when those accused of a DWI choose to represent themselves or rely on a public defender.

During Trail

While public defenders are licensed attorneys who work hard, the public defender assigned to a case may not be an expert in DWI law.

This lack of expertise can result in an unfavorable outcome during trial. The attorneys at Scott M. Brown and Associates are experts in DWI defense and will work tirelessly to defend a client during their DWI trail.

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