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Texas SB 1187 Regarding Tickets for Driving Without Car Insurance Is Now in Effect

The new Texas law requires more of officers about to hand out tickets for no car insurance.

On September 1, 2017, Texas Senate Bill 1187 took effect. The new law requires a law enforcement officer to try and verify whether or not a driver has liability policy before they can issue a citation to a driver for operating a vehicle without financial responsibility, which includes valid liability insurance policies. The officer must try to verify that the driver does or does not carry liability insurance through the insurance verification program.

Furthermore, SB 1187 requires a citation issued for operating a vehicle without financial responsibility to have an affirmative indication that the officer tried to verify financial responsibility through the insurance verification program. Additionally, the new law does not allow for a surcharge being assesses on the license of a person who was accused of failing to maintain insurance should the individual prove that he or she did actually have a valid liability insurance policy at the time of the offense.

While law enforcement officials have the authority to hand out citations, this is not an unrestricted power. The requirements of the law, such as those laid out in SB 1187, must be met. If you have received a citation or have been arrested, contact the trusted defense attorneys at Scott M. Brown & Associates. We will review every detail behind an arrest or a citation in order to mount the strongest possible defense to clear you of all charges. Contact us today by calling (281) 612-8241 or go online.

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