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Can Pedestrian Detection Systems be Trusted?

Vehicles seem to become safer every day, but are they really?

Manufacturers continue to release vehicles that have more and more safety features. One of these features is the pedestrian detection system, which is found on the Chevrolet Malibu, the Honda Accord, the Tesla Model 3, and the Toyota Camry. These four models were recently tested by AAA, with a focus on the systems that are meant to detect those on foot and avoid hitting them. The results from that study are troubling.

What the Study Found

The study tested the different models in several different conditions, using simulated pedestrian targets. When the vehicles were tested under nighttime conditions, it was found that they were essentially completely ineffective. This is alarming, as 75% of pedestrian accidents occur after the sun goes down.

The study also tested conditions when pedestrians stepped out in front of cars. When the vehicles were traveling at 20 miles per hour in sunny conditions and an adult stepped out in front of the vehicles, the cars avoided a crash 40% of the time. This of course, means that accidents were not avoided 60% of the time. Under the same conditions, with the exception of using child simulated pedestrian targets instead of adults, the vehicles avoided a collision only 11% of the time.

There were also conditions that made it seemingly impossible for any of the models to avoid a crash. Those were when the cars were making a right turn at an intersection and a pedestrian was crossing the street. The other condition that did not keep pedestrians safe was when a child ran into the road while the car was traveling at 30 miles per hour.

Lessons Learned from the Study

There were two main lessons all drivers should gain from the study. The first is that drivers simply cannot rely on these systems. When electronic systems start to replace the human mind, it does not always end well. The study proved that and so, drivers must continue to remain vigilant at all times.

Secondly, manufacturers must improve upon these systems if they are going to continue to advertise the fact that their vehicles have these safety features. Each model included information in the owner’s manual that stated drivers must still pay attention and that the detection systems may not detect all pedestrians. As such, it is unlikely that manufacturers could be held liable for an accident. However, drivers still could be responsible. More importantly, using caution is crucial to ensure everyone is kept safe.

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