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Construction is a necessary part of an area’s growth and development, and in League City, construction projects are common. While construction may be important, construction sites are often dangerous for both workers and others who pass by. From falling equipment to motor vehicle accidents and more, an accident at a construction site can have catastrophic consequences. If you have been injured as a worker or a passerby, our League City, TX construction accident attorneys at the law office of Scott M. Brown & Associates can help.

Common Construction Accidents

On a construction site, the number of workers, large pieces of equipment and heavy machinery, and the nature of the work–including working at great heights–can all pose risks. While there are an endless number of potential construction site accident types, some of the most common include:

  • Falls from heights. Workers may suffer a fall as a result of defective equipment, improper scaffolding, a lack of safety equipment, and more.
  • Slip and falls. Walking surfaces at a construction site are not always in good condition, with spills, uneven walking surfaces, depressions, and debris and objects in the way all creating slip and fall hazards.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. Numerous motor vehicles can be found traveling to and from construction sites. Negligent behavior, including the behavior of a third-party motorist, can lead to a crash.
  • Falling objects. Improperly secured objects can fall from heights, causing head, traumatic brain, and other serious injuries.
  • Caught-in machinery accidents. Being caught in a piece of machinery, or caught between a large piece of equipment, can be a terrifying experience that leaves a worker with serious, if not fatal, injuries.

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Who Pays for Injuries Sustained During a Construction Accident?

Liability for a construction site accident is dependent upon a number of factors, including who was injured and whose negligence was to blame for the incident.

It is important to know that many construction site employees are barred from filing a suit against their employers following a workplace injury; instead, they must pursue damages through their workers’ compensation insurance coverage, which pays for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages, but does not offer recompense for pain and suffering. In the event that a third-party was responsible for their injuries, though, such as a third-party driver, manufacturer of defective equipment, or owner of property where a dangerous condition existed, the worker maintains the right to file a third-party liability claim.

Non-employees and non-workers who are injured in construction accidents, such as a pedestrian who is assaulted by a falling piece of construction equipment, or a driver who is struck by a construction-related vehicle, maintains the right to file a suit against the liable party for damages, and to seek compensation for the full value of economic and noneconomic damages.

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