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North Texas man involved in international custody dispute

A Plano man is claiming that his 4-year-old daughter is being kept away from him by both his ex-fianc? and the judicial system of England. The man and his ex originally met on a cruise. After three months together, the woman told him she was pregnant. The couple had been making plans to get married when the baby girl was born in November of 2008.

A year later, a child custody battle was ignited when the woman and the child took a trip to England to visit the woman’s parents. The man received an email from his fianc? stating that she was not coming home and that he would have to use Skype if he wanted to see the child. The man’s daughter has not been back to Texas in the more than three years since the woman left.

Both parties have taken legal action. The man has filed international abduction charges. At a hearing in England, the woman stated that the father of the child had intended to move to England and get a job there. The man responded by stating that he would be unable to work or interview in England while his things were in Texas. The judge concluded that the man had not effectively worked out his immigration issues. The Texas man claims that the judge ignored his request to review evidence showing that the woman had made plans to leave the U.S. before the baby was born.

In August of this year, the case was heard by a Texas judge that signed orders stating that Collin County, Texas, has jurisdiction in this situation. International cases such as these can get very tricky when different countries are claiming jurisdiction. It’s difficult to tell how this one will play out, but attorneys representing the Texas man intend to work with the media and the U.S. Department of State to help convince authorities in England to return the child.

Source:, “North Texas Father Vs. Mother & The United States Vs. England” Ginger Allen, Nov. 01, 2013

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