Guidelines for Texas child support modifications

As a parent, you likely want to make sure all the needs of your child are met. You also have to make sure that you are taking care of yourself so you can properly care for your child. For some parents who are paying child support, significant changes in their living circumstances might mean that they need to seek modification of their child support orders. Texas law has several factors that parents must consider when they are interested in having a child support order modified. We are here to help parents work through the income and time considerations.

One consideration is how long it has been since the last child support order. Generally, it must be three years since the last support order was issued. In that case, the amount of the new child support has to be $100 or more different from the previous order. For example, a child support order from three years ago for $600 could be modified if the amount of support now would be $500 or less or $700 or more. The child support modification wouldn’t be made if the new support amount would be $550 or $650, or even $525 or $675.

If it hasn’t been three years since the last support order, there is a chance a modification could be ordered if there are significant changes with the child or with either parent. Knowing the guidelines for these modifications can be complex, so working with someone familiar with Texas child support guidelines might help you to decide if seeking a child support modification is appropriate in your case.

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